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Customer focussed

We aim to understand and deliver the customers vision. Because of this,
you get to work on projects that push the boundaries of technology.

"Strive not to be a success,
but rather to be of value."

Albert Einstein


By working with likeminded individuals, we can achieve much much more.
You’ll have to work as part of our awesome team daily to be successful.

"The strength of the team
is each individual member.
The strength of each member
is the team."

Phil Jackson

Industry shapers

We aim to lead the way, not catch up to the herd.
Learning new skills comes thick and fast so be prepared!


we work by finding clever solutions to simple problems
and simple solutions to complex issues.
You’ll need to be able to think logically and out of the box
no solution is ever the same.

"Ideas won't keep.
Something must be
done about them."

Alfred North Whitehead


Accountable and responsible from start to finish.
Managing your time and multitasking are essential
to delivering excellence.

“Don't mistake activity
with achievement.”

John Wooden


Карьера в XC360 – это творческая работа в высокопрофессиональной команде, участие в интересных, сложных, инновационных проектах, возможность
самореализации и развития в уютной и дружелюбной атмосфере.

Основан в 2000

Дружная команда

Постоянный профессиональный рост


Ориентация на результат

Конкурентоспособная оплата труда

Текущие вакансии

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